Doug Dearth (DearthCo)

I have been creating illustrations and character designs for clients in the advertising, editorial and publishing markets for longer than I care to think. My illustrations are first produced with pen and ink or brush or pencil or watercolor or acrylic then digitally scanned and electronically painted. Various Photoshop and Illustrator tricks may, or may not be applied to enhance the final design.

I also sculpt for several figure and toy soldier companies, including my own:

Up Coming Shows

Rossford Stroll the Streets
Rossford, OH • Wednesdays, 2020

Great Lakes Comic Con
Warren, MI • February 21-22, 2020

Toledo Fantasticon
Toledo, OH • March 14-15, 2020

Toledo Fantasticon
Toledo, OH • March 29, 2020

Dayton, OH • April 4-5, 2020

Throughout my many past lives I have taught, directed, managed, sculpted, written for many clients/employers.